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Window that needed to be filled in on interior of home.

                                     B4                                     & After  


Opening up the formal (Main floor ) living room open concept into the kitchen dinning & a new fireplace that is capable of heating the home.

B-4                    & After        


A master suit and living room addition you'll find in the building & remodeling page       

We changed this house curb appeal from late 50's/60's    P1010065.jpg (148464 bytes)   P1010063.jpg (150515 bytes)

To a much more modern ranch.P1010120.jpg (146897 bytes)     

It also got a new deck in the back with screened 3 season room below, retaining wall, Terra-lok driveway.  You will see more of this project in the Building & remodeling section and also pic page 5.

This was a shoreline restoration project on the west bank of Lake Wausau somewhat across from the County Club golf course.  The DNR and Marathon County Zoning had cases filed to force restoration to the sites "natural state".  A number of illegal and ill-advised things had been constructed, causing erosion to the bank as well as some questionable aesthetics.  Elite was asked to come up with a solution that worked for all sides, allowing the home owners access to the much used waterway.   While insuring that the bank would be stable, holding its vegetation beautifying the shoreline and avoiding the court actions.


beforlakewausau4.jpg (69358 bytes)       beforlakewausau5.jpg (69425 bytes)       beforlakewausau6.jpg (64555 bytes)       beforlakewausau8.jpg (64406 bytes)   beforlakewausau9.jpg (63507 bytes)   

Work In Progress:
wiplakewausu7.jpg (82145 bytes)          wiplakewausu8.jpg (80587 bytes)           wiplakewausu9.jpg (84380 bytes)
Project Completed:

afterlakewausau5.jpg (69815 bytes)       afterlakewausau6.jpg (79942 bytes)       afterlakewausau7.jpg (67314 bytes)       afterlakewausau8.jpg (82647 bytes)

afterlakewausau9.jpg (69033 bytes)

This project was to clean up and Rip-Rap the shoreline, we also made an old dry well that County Zoning would not permit to be filled in, into a wishing well and made a step down dock.


dubaybefore.jpg (86006 bytes)       dubaybefore2.jpg (78010 bytes)       dubaybefore3.jpg (96062 bytes)

Work In Progress:

dubayWorkIP.jpg (73048 bytes)

Project Completed:

dubayafter9.jpg (57265 bytes)       dubayafter8.jpg (82922 bytes)

This is another Rip-Rap project using the more expensive granite cobblers. 

Rip-Rap 1 befor.jpg (84423 bytes)       Rip-Rap 1 befor2.jpg (81991 bytes)
Project Completed:

Rip-Rap 1 after.jpg (95402 bytes)       Rip-Rap 1 after2.jpg (93691 bytes)

This project was a Terra-Lok path and patio, retaining walls, steps, a fire pit, Rip-Rap, shore land grading, and some landscaping extras.


dubay tera before10.jpg (83020 bytes)       dubay tera before9.jpg (99188 bytes)       dubay tera before8.jpg (112978 bytes)       dubay tera before7.jpg (109015 bytes)

Project Completed:

dubay tera after9.jpg (72063 bytes)       dubay tera after8.jpg (72271 bytes)       dubay tera after7.jpg (53797 bytes)       dubay tera after6.jpg (73240 bytes)

dubay tera after5.jpg (72503 bytes)       dubay tera after4.jpg (77016 bytes)

In this project, the home owners needed more storage space for yard and boat equipment.  They also wanted a lower deck added.  The local inspector stated in a letter to Elite dated February 24th 1998, "I would like to complement you on the innovative design of the project", in response to the ideas we came up with.   We turned the existing deck into a shed, built a cantilevered deck that juts out of the hill and a bending stairs to blend it all together.  We also provided walking paths and landscaping of the area. A Turf-Stone approach to the roll up shed door to get a lawn tractor up the hill safely, and a slight nautical look to match its Lake Wausau location.


Decklakewausaubefore5.jpg (64757 bytes)        Decklakewausaubefore4.jpg (60278 bytes)

Project Completed:

 Decklakewausauafter5.jpg (45214 bytes)     Decklakewausauafter4.jpg (47772 bytes)     ab1.jpg (85413 bytes)     ab2.jpg (90386 bytes)

 ab3.jpg (104876 bytes)     ab4.jpg (99182 bytes)

This project was a pond that a farmer had apparently tried to make, as there are others in the area.  Unfortunately the water table was too low in this spot.   So Elite reshaped the pond, added a liner, beach, and a river with a pump that puts out two gallons a second.  We then added a settling pool in the river, steps, a bridge, landscaping and lighting.  The babble of this brook is relaxing to say the least, and we placed a few rocks to sit on or fish from high on the banks. Oh, and I just had to put the photo of one of the guys and his pet rock in too! hi


a pond b4 1.jpg (75847 bytes)       a pond b4 2.jpg (67340 bytes)       a pond b4 3.jpg (71192 bytes)

Work In Progress:

apondunderconstruction5.jpg (69414 bytes)        apondunderconstruction4.jpg (74211 bytes)        apondunderconstruction3.jpg (71796 bytes)        apondunderconstruction2.jpg (70264 bytes)

apondunderconstruction1.jpg (76632 bytes)

Project Completed:

pondaft15jpg.jpg (67419 bytes)       pondaft14jpg.jpg (73383 bytes)       pondaft9.jpg (83662 bytes)       pondaft8.jpg (83753 bytes)


pondaft6.jpg (86553 bytes)        pondaft5.jpg (81881 bytes)        pondaft4.jpg (83090 bytes)        pondaft12jpg.jpg (81406 bytes)

pondaft11jpg.jpg (85480 bytes)        pondaft3.jpg (86832 bytes)        pondaft13jpg.jpg (90471 bytes)        pondaft1.jpg (74284 bytes)

pondaft2.jpg (75829 bytes)

In this project we removed the old deck to find the sill and skirt plate had rotted out.  We lifted the home, replaced the bad boards, and removed the old walk around back. We then installed this patio with integrated steps and window well, and a blind for the utilities service and air conditioning area.

mosinee99beforepatio2.jpg (102935 bytes)     mosinee99beforepatio.jpg (92419 bytes)
Project Completed:
mosinee99afterpatio.jpg (82668 bytes)      mosinee99afterpatio2.jpg (74625 bytes)

In this project the homeowner wanted a new stairway and retaining wall.   We suggested instead, to move the entrance to the ground level, a more ergonomic entrance.  opening up the lower area with an engineered retaining wall system.   Changing the facade of the home to one with a more modern styling.  The home owners were unsure of what the concept might look like so we mocked up an estimation of the change, which you may see in the Photo Enhancement section of this site.


Before Remodel & wall 1.jpg (94433 bytes)  Before Remodel & wall 2.jpg (66685 bytes)   Before Remodel & wall 3.jpg (81677 bytes)   Before Remodel & wall 4.jpg (57725 bytes)

Work In Progress:
During Remodel & wall 1.jpg (59891 bytes)   During Remodel & wall 2.jpg (41500 bytes)   During Remodel & wall 3.jpg (50992 bytes)   During Remodel & wall 4.jpg (39485 bytes)   During Remodel & wall 5.jpg (59400 bytes)
Project Completed:

After Remodel & wall 1.jpg (54900 bytes)  After Remodel & wall 2.jpg (53849 bytes)  After Remodel & wall 3.jpg (49985 bytes)


With what was a hill that was difficult to maintain and needed a innovative solution.   A set of cement stairs in good repair to a  cement patio below meant we wanted to keep them.  So we built a segmented and partly cantilevered deck to give the area some usefulness and to provide a view of Lake Wausau from on high.  Built away from the home and separated by the stairs and landing, made the entire deck stand out in the sun and fitting in quite well with its surroundings. A secondary design parameter was to make the area under the deck and on the steep hill maintenance free.  This was done using crusher rock and a small retaining wall over landscape cloth.


         before deck lake wausau segmented.jpg (78716 bytes)

Project Completed:

after deck lake wausau segmented.jpg (78635 bytes)   canteliver deck lake wausau 3.JPG (99312 bytes)   canteliver deck lake wausau 2.JPG (83567 bytes)

This next project was a deck not so old, but yet in poor shape.  We tore it down and built a two level deck in its place. With a side landing for the garage entrance that leads also to a Terra-Lok path around front to add flow.  The deck juts out on a cantilever over what was unusable space to a set of stairs that wind down to a patio below.  Again the design opens up a large area for entertaining over what was an unusable grade.


before deck rothschild west veiw.jpg (90148 bytes)   before deck rothschild east veiw.jpg (85738 bytes)  

                           Project Completed:

                  after deck rothschild west veiw.jpg (79600 bytes)   after deck rothschild east veiw.jpg (83277 bytes)   rothschild large split cantelevered deck with stairs 4. jpg.jpg (95329 bytes)

We were asked by one of our landscape and deck customers that owned some business property to do some general contracting work one winter.  It was a large bay type office space used by TCF Consumer Lending at the time.  They needed a privet area to use as a closing room and also to set aside for security and to hide from view their file area.  So we divided up the back of the bay and made two small rooms.   Came out quite well and everyone was quite pleased.


TIFgeneralcontractingjobbefore.jpg (59898 bytes)

Project Completed:

TIFgeneralcontractingjobafter.jpg (51286 bytes)

The next set of photos are of a Rip-Raping job, and shows the change from an old Shorelander dock to and Elite dock plus stairs to the water of shore.  I only had the one before pic to illustrate the before, as all the others taken with it were given to the D.N.R or County zoning for project permits.  Fortunately I had taken a similar photo of the area upon completion and more of the Rip-Rap and dock can be seen in Elite dock and Photo sections.

beforeelitedock,rip-rap,&steps.jpg (93781 bytes)
Project Completed:

afterelitedock,rip-rap,&steps.jpg (116491 bytes)

This project was replacing an old retaining wall of mortar and cement blocks.  It had failed and was leaning over, as well as lacking in looks.  We also replaced the old stairs that were done in the 60's style using wood as a retainer and riser and pavers as the tread, with a retaining wall stair tread.  It proved to be quite the demolition and clean up project. As you can see we shaped the wall to save the trees as well as for aesthetics in a modern style.


Rib Mt Rockwood wall 01 before.jpg (95195 bytes)

Project Complete:

Rib Mt Rockwood wall 01 after.jpg (105893 bytes)    Rib Mt Rockwood wall 01 4.jpg (110110 bytes)    Rib Mt Rockwood wall 01 2.jpg (111593 bytes)

The old cement steps shown below did not work well, as most don't.   Dug into the ground they do not stay over time, and often have a poor spacing making them dangerous.  Using steps of this type on the bank also tends to cause erosion problems.  We built a DNR & County Zoning approved raised stair, repaired and replanted the bank then installed a few tons of Rip-Rap at the bottom.  Making the waterway safely useful and ensuring that the stairs and bank will remain in tact for a long time to come.


Wisconsin River Stairs 01 1 before.jpg (88540 bytes)              

                                Project Complete:

                     Wisconsin River Stairs 01 6.jpg (87389 bytes)    Wisconsin River Stairs 01 1 after.jpg (93280 bytes)     Wisconsin River Stairs 01 2.jpg (91931 bytes)   

This project was to enlarge the deck that was just starting to get rotten.  The framing underneath was not proper for today's code either.  The new deck fits well into its surroundings giving the home owners more space, which I am happy to report they use quite often.


Wausau deck 2- 01 before.jpg (60531 bytes)

Project Complete:

Wausau deck 2- 01 After.jpg (66475 bytes)    Wausau deck 2- 01 3.jpg (75794 bytes)     Wausau deck 2- 01 2.jpg (72482 bytes)     Wausau deck 2- 01 1.jpg (58820 bytes)

A new deck and to remake the storage underneath was what the homeowners wanted in this next collection of pics.  They had originally thought of taking stairs down to the cement in the middle of the house.  Elite came up with a little different design that enlarged the deck, repaired old cement walls at either end of the house and gave them a large storage and screed room underneath.  Using an innovative system unique to Elite, we turn the floor of a deck into a water proof and extremely long lasting roof for the areas underneath.  It is the last deck the home will ever need as long as the green treated lumber is kept stained.

rib mt deck 01 #3 before.jpg (89162 bytes)    rib mt deck 01 #1 before.jpg (51326 bytes)    rib mt deck 01 #2 before.jpg (65170 bytes)    Rib Mt Small Retaining wall @ deck prodject before.jpg (76290 bytes)
Project Completed:

rib mt deck 01 #3 after.jpg (84148 bytes)   rib mt deck 01 #1 after.jpg (67946 bytes)   rib mt deck 01 #2 after.jpg (78103 bytes)   rib mt deck 01 #2.jpg (96459 bytes)    Rib Mt Small Retaining wall @ deck prodject after.jpg (77055 bytes)

The front entrance to this home had timbers filled with sand to form the stoop and tread for Terra-lok pavers, in the 1960's style.  We took that apart and pored a new front stoop with frost walls and a path.  Over witch was put a clay paver that was grouted in with mortar.  It gives the home a modern look that goes well with the garden in the front turn around.


rib mt 01 front stoop before 1.jpg (73597 bytes)   rib mt 01 front stoop before 2.jpg (90150 bytes)   rib mt 01 front stoop before 3.jpg (88545 bytes)

Project Complete:

rib mt 01 front stoop after 2.jpg (95284 bytes)   rib mt 01 front stoop after 3.jpg (106260 bytes)

This project was a 100+ year old gas light that was the proverbial basket case.   We got it wrapped in blankets inside what actually was a garbage can. It was corroded and had been brush painted several times and the very top piece was all but gone.  So we cleaned, remanufactured holes and tapings and came up with a new top piece to finish the light in place of the old tin roof cap that was rusted out. Then we searched up a lighting manufacturer willing to sent it through there paint line so it would match up with a pole that we liked.  The results were better than I had anticipated when first seeing the light in pieces laid out on the ground.

Start to Finish:

old light 1.jpg (76023 bytes)                old light 2.jpg (65878 bytes)                 old light 3.jpg (57062 bytes)                 old light 4.jpg (73123 bytes)               old light 5.jpg (53628 bytes)

old light 6.jpg (73291 bytes)               antique_light.jpg (166256 bytes)

Elite was asked to do this restoration project, one that you will only see pics of on this page.  The area was an old industrial site used for a cement factory, pit and yard.  The area that is now water that makes the bay to the side was once a working pit where they got the sand and small rock for the production of cement.  It was later opened up to allow the river to fill it creating a wonderful small and deep bay.

The area along this pit and later bay had a long hill made of sand fill that was put in place to keep the flood waters out of the pit.  Then along what is now a point used by fisherman there had been waist cement dumped from bridges, roads, foundations and the like. Also a pile of cement that had been pored in place, that must have been a bad batch or for some reason unused.

Elite removed approximately 250 yards of fill material 175 tons of waist cement, cement block, asphalt and brick. Among witch was a ton of steel in the form of re-bar, wire, cable and various bars and such.  Three tires and several contractor bags worth of just plain garbage some dating back to the late 60's and 70's.

I think you will agree it is a stark transformation from before to after.


restoration_wisconsin_river_before_1.jpg (161787 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_2.jpg (175274 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_3.jpg (196963 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_4.jpg (194188 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_5.jpg (195452 bytes)  

restoration_wisconsin_river_before_6.jpg (191652 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_7.jpg (196213 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_8.jpg (186602 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_9.jpg (192868 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_10_hill_of_fill.jpg (185357 bytes)  

restoration_wisconsin_river_before_11_hill_of_fill_in_fall.jpg (160393 bytes)   restoration_wisconsin_river_before_12_ton_of_steel.jpg (148963 bytes)  

After Completion:

after_restoration_wis_river_2002__1.jpg (103925 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_2.jpg (175256 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_3.jpg (170380 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_4.jpg (171276 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_6.jpg (151025 bytes)

after_restoration_wis_river_2002_7.jpg (155199 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_8.jpg (169276 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_9.jpg (196395 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_10.jpg (165211 bytes)   after_restoration_wis_river_2002_11.jpg (166417 bytes)  

after_restoration_wis_river_2002_12.jpg (172554 bytes)  

The old steps and dock in this project were shot to say the least. The new set was a bit of a challenge due to the angle needed for the last set of stairs to accommodate the bank. We had to be able to land at the proper height for the floating dock at the bottom, and straight with the shore without disturbing the bank and its vegetation.


half_moon_stairs_before_2.jpg (139217 bytes)    half_moon_stairs_before_1.jpg (166983 bytes)

After Project completion:

half_moon_stairs_after_2.jpg (164727 bytes)   half_moon_stairs_after_1.jpg (139586 bytes)    half_moon_stairs_dock_and_stairs_from_bottom.jpg (161021 bytes)

An older small home with a one car long garage that was turned into a family room featuring a fire place and a new two car garage added on.

     Before:                                                                                After:

Wausau_remoder__addition_2002_befor_front_sount.jpg (146127 bytes)                        Wausau_remoder__addition_2002_after_front_sount.jpg (136089 bytes)  Wausau_remoder__addition_2002_after_front_north.jpg (115826 bytes)  Wausau_remoder__addition_2002_fire_place.jpg (120512 bytes)  

Lake Wausau water access stairs.

Before:     lake_wausau_stairs_before_2002_1.jpg (139272 bytes)                              After:  lake_wausau_stairs_2002_1.jpg (171657 bytes)  

            lake_wausau_stairs_before_2002_2.jpg (134480 bytes)                            lake_wausau_stairs_2002_3.jpg (167386 bytes)


Shoreline Grading Project



In progress-





More To Come !