Arts and Crafts

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This page is dedicated to items  that are more woodworking, craftsmanship or works of art in stone, steel, glass and wood.


Decretive fence


Custom made glass block window panels         

 Installed in a circa 1920's home  

Small custom cabinet  

Custom made Day Bed... for Guest Bedroom  


Shadow boxes in Oak for Beer Can Collection:



A Murphy Bed, Mitten cabinet and deacons Bench, mop and broom holder all in Birch.





A very nice opportunity to make a cedar entry way as a pergola arbor with a gate was offered to us in this project. Also a very nice mail box with newspaper slots and note box.

      P9240119.jpg (149515 bytes)            P9240122.jpg (158441 bytes)            Pb120073.jpg (128055 bytes)

This was a fun project all around.  We took out an old indoor grill and fan unit and custom made these cabinets to match the ones that were in the rest of the kitchen and had been painted in the craftsman style.  The biggest challenge was re/manufacturing the hinges that matched the doors to work on the thin styles of the glass doors.

custom_matched_craftsman_cabinets_4.jpg (85721 bytes)           custom_matched_craftsman_cabinets_3.jpg (81462 bytes)           custom_matched_craftsman_cabinets_2.jpg (88035 bytes)           custom_matched_craftsman_cabinets.jpg (83661 bytes)  

A custom made hanging planter, shown with winter decorations:

landflowerbox1-2001.jpg (46938 bytes)   landflowerbox2-2001.jpg (55829 bytes)

These pictures show a table made form tiles that the lady of the house had collected over the years and wanted to display.  Also the back drop blind used to make the deck a more private space.

tiletable and blind.jpg (100016 bytes)                                       tiletable and blindcloseup.jpg (78343 bytes)

Another hanging box shown with Halloween decorations.  This box dependent upon the season holds spring, summer, Halloween, Christmas and winter decorations and artificial flowers.

windowbox@halloween.jpg (62092 bytes)

A full size wishing well made of retaining wall block to hide the riser vent of a septic system and add an accent.  It has a working winch and lights inside glow the surrounding lawn area.

               photo52.jpg (62213 bytes)

Another full size wishing well made to be a planter for flowering ground covers and annuals.  It was made to cover an old cistern drywell that stuck out of the ground, was filled with chlorinated sand and capped per county zoning and had to remain.  It is made with quartzite sandstone and mortar.

                                photo41.jpg (76931 bytes)

A front stoop, steps and, path made of fired clay pavers, with cement grout on top of a full frost walled cement base.  It matches its surroundings well.

Rib Mt front stoop 01 close up #1.jpg (73872 bytes)     Rib Mt front stoop 01 close up #2.jpg (67168 bytes) 

I designed and built this porch swing for Shelby:

                            P1010006.jpg (127500 bytes) 8.jpg (146479 bytes)

More to come!