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We track each night, all costs for each job in a separate job ledger (click Sample Job Ledger Above)Showing total man hours worked each day, Bob-Cat hours, costs for materials as purchased or received in, and other direct costs like sub-contractor bills, permits, rental of special equipment, diamond blades used..Also refunds and returns. 

At the end of the project, you will receive a Job Ledger to see the accounting for  labor, and other cost of the project.

On lager project (as prescribed in a signed estimate) we may do an interim billing(s) at intervals, corresponding to an interim job ledger.

Upon completion of the project to your satisfaction, we take the totals from the job ledger and apply them to a billing. (click Sample Bill above) You will receive  a copy of each personally, my US mail or by E-mail .PDF, payment is upon receipt.


Our charges for work 2021 are as follows.


$39.50- $46.50 General labor (varies by project type, size, number of workers...) ,   $75.00 per  maintenance/repairs/small project labor of just a few hrs, $150.00 consulting ....... 


Bob-Cat Hours Used $75.00 per  This charge is taken directly of the Hrs meter at the beginning and end of each job and is in addition to the operators labor

bullet8 Yard self dumping trailer $550.00 per dump  (plus $10 per tire, $25 appliances....)

Winter Building, Interior Remodeling & Finnish Work Rates may be offered if signed well enough in advance.  See link above.


On materials - we constantly shop for the best price/value.

New construction costs typically start around $150.00 per sq ft. 

Square foot building costs are dependent on type and style of home , and level of finish.  We can use a standard builders contract with all the usual allowances for flooring, cabinets, change orders and the rest.... and an agreed upon draw schedule.  Or our typical preferred and fairer method of detailed costing and a T&M estimate with labor hold

We will work with you to determine your wants, needs and tastes to ensure that the cost or allowances or materials picked for cabinets, flooring, lighting, fixtures and the like will reflect as close as possible the final costs. with any changes made you'll know the cost of your first choice and the cost of the item you've changed to.

Custom designs with complete sets of prints for foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, lot plans, elevation views, floor plans ... by Elite are cost dependent on size and complexity, and is partly refundable per design agreement when Elite completes the project

This means we will give you the cost of designing your home up front after a consultation to determine the design parameters, then if we ultimately build that home for you in the first year,  we will put one third of that design fee toward the labor costs of the home at final billing.