Dock Photos

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elite dock lake wausau 01-2 #1.jpg (48456 bytes)   first elite dock.jpg (95941 bytes)   2001 dock #1 & Rip-Rap.jpg (61710 bytes)   dock #1- pic17.jpg (89145 bytes)   floating_dock_pond_2002.jpg (167048 bytes) 

floating_dock_1_2002_best_pic.jpg (160950 bytes)  cantileverd_dock_2003_3.jpg (117754 bytes)  second_cantileverd_dock_2.jpg (153461 bytes)  dest_dock_pic.JPG (90867 bytes)  P9200258.jpg (147706 bytes)  dest_dock_pic.JPG (161355 bytes) 

      cantileverd_dock_2003_1.jpg (190611 bytes)  second_cantileverd_dock_2004.jpg (148541 bytes) 

A very cool 6' wide cantilevered dock, has 1/2" stainless steel cable and stainless steel hardware throughout.  The ultimate in the no hassle dock. 

              cantileverd_dock_2003_1.jpg (190611 bytes)      cantileverd_dock_2003_2.jpg (144626 bytes)      cantileverd_dock_2003_3.jpg (117754 bytes)      cantileverd_dock_2003_4.jpg (126873 bytes)   

A second cantilevered dock we built and installed in 2004, shortly after the first was seen on the lake.

second_cantileverd_dock_2.jpg (153461 bytes)            second_cantileverd_dock_2004.jpg (148541 bytes)            second_cantileverd_dock_2_2.jpg (123712 bytes)

The third cantilevered dock on Lake Wausau in 2004.

          P9200258.jpg (147706 bytes)            P9200257.jpg (144011 bytes)

This dock has lighting under it, a step down connector and a bridge to the boat.

water__dock_outdoor_lighting_with_flash.jpg (119167 bytes)        water__dock_outdoor_lighting_without_flash.jpg (101295 bytes)        dock_and_stairs_from_left.JPG (80108 bytes)         dest_dock_pic.JPG (90867 bytes)  

shore_line_from_distance.JPG (107358 bytes)        stairs_and_dock_from_path.JPG (78578 bytes)        shoreline_close_up.JPG (94122 bytes)

This dock is two permanent steps leading down to a cantilevered dock section that then steps down onto an existing dock the customer had on wheels.  Elite also did the Rip-Rap as well as some other things you can see in the other photo sections.

stepdowndock.jpg (83115 bytes)    photo29.jpg (82375 bytes)    stepdowndock2.jpg (72748 bytes)

This dock is one we made to match to an existing raised water-way stairs, we also reinforced the stairs and added Rip-Rap to save the structure from imminent collapse.

      stepdowndockhalfmoon.jpg (72177 bytes)      stepdowndockhalfmoon2.jpg (74422 bytes)

This is the first Elite brand dock.


dock #1- pic17.jpg (89145 bytes)    dock #1- pic16.jpg (87060 bytes)   dock #1- pic15.jpg (84319 bytes)   dock #1- pic12.jpg (69453 bytes)

Our Second Elite dock.

dock #2- pic1.jpg (91315 bytes)         dock #2- pic2.jpg (72191 bytes)         lakewausau99rip-rap&dock.jpg (94183 bytes)         lakewausau99rip-rap&dock2.jpg (98735 bytes)         lakewausau99rip-rap&dock3.jpg (63971 bytes)

A small third Elite dock.

Small dock lake wausau full veiw.jpg (84935 bytes)   Small dock lake wausau close up.jpg (83491 bytes)

Elite's largest dock so far, with 10 sections and two L's, featuring our step down connector and steps from the dock to the water.

    2001 dock #1 & Rip-Rap.jpg (61710 bytes)                Elits_step_down_connector_in_use.jpg (104943 bytes)            

A small four section Elite dock with bumpers and Elite HD tie-ups.

elite dock lake wausau 01-2 #1.jpg (48456 bytes)

An Elite floating dock on a private pond in Central Wisconsin, with cedar decking and stainless steel swim ladder.  It is attached to shore with a four foot anchor section cemented in place.

floating_dock_pond_2002_2.jpg (177873 bytes)  floating_dock_pond_2002_after_with_Elite_Dock.jpg (181568 bytes)  floating_dock_pond_2002.jpg (167048 bytes)

This floating dock is on a back water bay of the Wisconsin River, north of Wausau. It has a new style bench and has low maintenance Trex decking, full bumpers and a stainless steel swim ladder. 

floating_dock_1_2002_from_lake.jpg (138210 bytes)                   floating_dock_1_2002_from_shore_with_bench.jpg (163015 bytes)                     floating_dock_1_2002_best_pic.jpg (160950 bytes)                    floating_dock_1_2002_bench_end.jpg (165740 bytes)

A small Elite floating dock at the end of a water access stairway hinged to be lifted for winter, and at times of flood. It is designed for use with a Pontoon boat, which while tied up, creates a usable sitting area on the water.

half_moon_stairs_dock_and_stairs_from_bottom.jpg (161021 bytes) 

An Elite standard dock alongside Hwy 29's bridge northwest side, just before the Hwy 51 on-ramp.

      P1010123.jpg (153792 bytes)

Elite standard dock in cedar in Central Wisconsin.


Elite dock with a step connector in Cedartone treated lumber and Merlot powder coat to match home on the Wisconsin.



A cantilevered dock on the Wisconsin River with Correct deck composit decking.


More to come...