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This page added in spring 2017 will be from now on Home exteriors makeovers. New siding, roofing, windows & doors...

Some day ill move all those pics from elsewhere here too

New patio door. Steel siding so done remodel style. Without taking off siding.   Old   New


Windows on a wood siding and T-1 home. On this one we cut out around each window and trimmed in new window. Had windows made to original R.O.


Replacing a patio door. On Vinyl siding we can take siding off have door made to same size as original R.O.

On this project we found rot, luckily we were able to fix without demo. As you can see in pictures there is no tape sealing doors and windows to house wrap. And as I say all the time Vinyl siding does not keep all the water out, the house wrap is the last line of defense, and without Doors and windows sealed by tape etc. the system will fail.

Old with Rot, see the nails rusting too...     New

Window replacement. this is actually three separate replacement style vinyl windows.

No exterior siding or interior drywalling required!

Old door and storm falling apart storm open wrong way... New Door and Storm

New roof, Fascia, Windows, and siding.


Whole Lotsa Cottage Roof

Cottage, covered patio, bird house, fish house, out house, covered swing, garage and bunk house.

Up north compound, had anywhere from two to 4 layers roofing to demo. And we extended the chimneys, as draft was not good. Little rot too!

Light Gray B4 


  This home we have done quite a few projects at. Including the addition on right side, on which we had matched the roofing.

Had had its roof redone before the addition, by someone not a roofer or legal business. It developed several leaks over time, and we found lots wrong. Like wrong nailing, cut up tar paper from cutting on roof, mis-flashed, the valley not quite right, a misaligned lapping. Misaligned means that on two rows of shingles the ends line up leaving only tar paper from there on to stop the leak, where on one shingle row water will get into that seam.


Oddly enough doing new windows replacement style is a nice winter project, Just need sunny day in the 30's

This house had both front windows put in . We plastic off inside for the bit the windows out.