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Elite builds garages, sheds and other outbuildings with distinctive styles to match your needs, home style and surroundings.  Starting with the foundation and ending with trim and doors, lighting, heat and other services every attention is paid to detail.

Elite's typical slab and foundation detail drawings for garages and other large outbuildings.

Std Garage & large outbuilding foundation2.jpg (382848 bytes)   Std Garage & large outbuilding foundation.jpg (337904 bytes)

Elite's typical slab and foundation detail drawing for sheds and other small outbuildings.

Std shed & small outbuilding foundation.jpg (370557 bytes)

Garage - Shed - Outbuilding


This garage was crushed by a huge Oak taken down by the storms in spring of 2017.

An Acuity Insurance claim.

The origional had peg boards ... inside so then does new. it makes the interior pics look weird when one opens up the thumbnail.




    & Added car port later on!  


photo96.jpg (67160 bytes)   photo102.jpg (57391 bytes)   photo113.jpg (80527 bytes)   photo116.jpg (72508 bytes)   photo54.jpg (67367 bytes)

1999 rib mt shed turf stone patio7 interior roll up door.jpg (58524 bytes) photo49.jpg (52511 bytes)   photo33.jpg (65683 bytes)   photo48.jpg (83286 bytes)   photo51.jpg (74138 bytes)   1999_rib_mt_shed_turf_stone_patio5.jpg (79683 bytes)

   Rib mt shed roof shed addition #1.jpg (88556 bytes)   rib mt deck 01 #2.jpg (96459 bytes)   Rib Mnt attached shed 01 side #1.jpg (72191 bytes)   garden planting shed #1.jpg (99245 bytes)

garden planting shed #2.jpg (71594 bytes)   garden planting shed #3.jpg (63451 bytes)   garden planting shed #4.jpg (103428 bytes)   dog_house_shed_from_front.jpg (188629 bytes)   dog_house_shed_from_side.jpg (177003 bytes)



More to come!