Liftable Docks

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These docks are designed sight specific and for need.

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Retro fit to an old stairs/ floating liftable dock for Pontoon boat 2016.


Stairs and Cantilevered dock beams prepared in 2012. We demolished old and in disrepair stairs and installed these with preparations for a cantilevered dock to be installed later.

Demolition of old pier as needed and completion of cantilever and T due for completion spring 2012.



W/ liftable ridged ( two stabilization auger posts in summer) floater T -designs for spring 2013.

Liftable by chain hoist in minutes, ready for winter freeze.



This type of dock (liftable), works well in a river area that has deep water next to shore, and has relatively stable water heights.  It also works well with pontoon boats, as they make a good dock all by themselves.  By this, we mean that when the pontoon is tied up, there is quite a bit of space for entertaining and sometimes even a barbecue.  On the other hand, when the pontoon is out, there is typically nobody left on the dock.

photo126.jpg (82743 bytes)    1999 wis river stairs and liftable dock 7.jpg (72299 bytes)  liftable dock HD boat tie-up 1.jpg (15765 bytes)  half_moon_stairs_dock_and_stairs_from_bottom.jpg (161021 bytes)

This type of dock (liftable & floating) is one of only two dock types that works well in a river area where water levels vary widely or have heavy ice flows in springWater depths should be enough to float your boat within eight feet of shore. 

liftablefloatingdock.jpg (55534 bytes)      liftablefloatingdock2.jpg (72911 bytes)      liftablefloatingdock3.jpg (72107 bytes)      liftablefloatingdock4.jpg (63692 bytes)

liftable floating dock 1999 #2.jpg (71447 bytes)    liftable floating dock 1999 #1.jpg (56579 bytes)    liftable dock HD boat tie-up 1.jpg (15765 bytes)   patio and walk after landscaping grown in with floating dock #2.jpg (79358 bytes)


Liftable dock on river where water can change 6' and where the bank is still to high off water at the edge, so stair section also lifts.


This dock is very much the same as that above as they are neighbors.  The only real difference is that this one the stair and dock section that are hinged and lift are also on floats.


Floating liftable dock on the river that needed stairs to the water from an existing platform.

More to Come...