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These pages are dedicated to outside projects.

Including projects like decks, patios, ponds, retaining walls, gardens, driveways, fences, pet areas, outdoor lighting, siding, roofs .....


This one is Wesley's house and a 100% Wes project !

Couldn't be solid so he routered every slat. He did good!

Edging around home, plants and mulch, refurbished Pergola, and new wishing well. Oh and we power washed n sealed the driveway too.


Country home stamped patio under deck with walk down to fire pit. I did not get a good pic of it but we dug down 1 ft plus then added drain tiles, rock and road base back to ground level then patio is up from there. Water from down spouts and just the generally wet soil was a problem under deck as a few deck posts would heave. This should fix that too.



Rib Mt. Paver patio with seat walls, edge, window well and steps of blocks.

also added onto shed we built years ago



Dubay Pergola Deck. with glass rail panel for view. Closed off with steps down to dog run. Homeowner is staining


Home in Weston front landscaping spring


& Back late fall



Stamped front walk and new steps and rail too, Rib Mt.


Dog run fence with gate to yard off garage rear entry door.

Painting of a house and water access stairs.

also while there we put in a few underground drain lines. fixed some tile, installed a microwave, repaired some screens, doors ....


The front of this Rib Mt home got new LP smart siding and trim. Front door and an obround stoop topped with fire clay thin pavers.


Took of 2 lays of old siding and tar paper. House wrapped, R foam and vinyl. Check out the phone number on the add sign we found under the tar paper Circa 1930 ish Paper Mill House


We don't do competitive roofing estimates. We do roof our projects and will re-roof for our past customers, several factors depending.

This one was a past customers mothers house.

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