Elite's Dock

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ELITE DOCKS  Custom Made Designer Docks.

Matching your needs and home!

dock #1- pic18.jpg (81221 bytes)    dock #2- pic2.jpg (72191 bytes)    large dock just in, lake wausau 2001.jpg (58274 bytes)    Small dock spring 2001.jpg (55891 bytes)    dest_dock_pic.JPG (161355 bytes)   


 Standard connector

Standard connector.jpg (46841 bytes)                       

End or T-Connector:


End and Side Joint connector.jpg (38790 bytes)   

Step Down Connector:  It is to be used to step from one dock section down 7 1/4" to another. 

 step down dock connector pic 3.jpg (32085 bytes)   

step down dock print.jpg (240614 bytes)   Step down connector.jpg (79128 bytes)  

Dock foot pad:

foot pad.jpg (29481 bytes)  foot pad 2.jpg (19297 bytes) 

HD Tie-ups and Cleats:

HD tie up #1.jpg (21408 bytes)   HD tie up #2.jpg (51580 bytes)


Stay Dry Dock Installation and Adjustment Kit:

dock adjustment pole.jpg (82470 bytes)  dock inst. kit float.jpg (21310 bytes)