Outside Projects VI

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These pages are dedicated to outside projects.

Including projects like decks, patios, ponds, retaining walls, gardens, driveways, fences, pet areas, outdoor lighting, siding, roofs .....


This be our second rather large Pergola, over the years.

If you click on the picture thumbnails you'll see some details to marry it to the very unique home at which it resides.

An Acuity claim, old Pergola built by previous owner that current homeowner put roof on years ago. Not structurally sound even without roof. But was covered by insurance so we rebuilt. It's the third large Pergola we've done, well more like a covered patio...


Eliminating an old deck to expand Concrete patio area.


Developing a RV/camper parking spot.

Cell phone booster installation. Went from one bar dropped calls to full signal.

I think we did a good job of hiding the cable!

Couple of repairs on a customers sold house from inspection for closing.

Rot spot, Roof problem and some windows that needed some finish.


Elites fire pit. At our home made big enough for project brush, stumps.

 Got one extra big rock to place by shop. To insure we never hit the building.

Another repair of customers sold house. Little rot on post holding up Colonial Front.



Oh and add a rail.   

Re-decking a deck

Cedar and Treated wood deck boards need not be a problem. Its the fact that 99.5% of all decks are only finished on one side, the top.

This is a core from one of the old deck boards. As you can see water has dripped over edge. Soaked in from below and saturated whole board, and you'll never keep a finish on wet wood. All Green Treated does is its not a food source, so microbes, bugs and rodents will not eat it. Doesn't do a thing for wet/dry expansion, nor RV damage. In fact if you bury a pc of ground contact treated it will stay pristine virtually forever.

So if you can as we did dry the decking, and put a good deck stain on all 6 sides you'll be good for long time. Maybe just a touch up on top every 4-5 years.