RipRap & Shoreline

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 RipRap as of 2009, is now Integrated Bank Treatment, the main change being that the rock used is covered by soil to the OHWM and planted with ground cover, grass, brush and trees of a native type.

Elite will do engineering, drawings, take photos and make the calculations required for all necessary permits from the DNR, county zoning, city or town permits as required.

Permit and project requirements are set by the DNR, and it's  waterway designations, the project type and specifications, are all subject to DNR approval. There will be a non refundable $500.00 fee for filing the exhausting 18+ page application that has to be sent in triplicatex2. There is also a DNR permit fee of $50.00 (urban waterways, City) to $800.00 for all others, that is refunded if rejected or otherwise not approved.

Note: Elite has not had an unapproved or rejected project permit application to date.

Elite sets up a plywood road to protect the yard, we then us a shoot as applicable to get the rock and other materials to and from the shoreline. 

We then use a small Bobcat to moving rock that can maneuver just about anyplace.  A self dumping trailer may also be used if to get materials and take away waste.



Rip-Rap and Shoreline restoration pics (see also B4 & After page)











Integrated Bank Treatment Process


                    Before Pic

Bank trimmed back

Installed filter cloth and average of 25 ton of rock per 100' of shore

Covered with top spoil

  Plantings of trees, shrubs, grasses and various plants then covered in mulch


Project finished


B4   After   I.B.T.









B4 footings exposed, bank undercut 40"  In Progress After