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We do Complete AutoCad design and drafting for new home and remodeling customer, as well as smaller projects.


For projects that require designs or plans before costing and permit acquisition. there will be a design fee.

Cost dependent on size and complexity of the project , prints needed, number of anticipated revisions and the like. 

At the end of our initial meeting, learning the scope and design parameters a design agreement will be offered. 

This fee by agreement is refunded at 33% on the final billing in the first year, at 25% in the second, 10%  in the third when Elite completes the project.

If you already have a design/prints etc we can cost them out no charge, and may even have some ideas to explore.

Custom home design:  Complete Cad files and prints for foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, lot plans, elevation views, floor plans, stairs and other details such as custom truss design need for costing and building.  




 Thumbnails below are some I've picked out from my hard drives.






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